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NiDA - Copper Cable Network Monitoring System

Key Features

NiDA - Copper Cable Network Monitoring System

NiDA2 is the state of the art for copper cable network monitoring and management system.

NiDA2 is a complete, flexible and scalable monitoring and management system that provides tools to meet TLC Operators' requirements.
NiDA2 is the ultimate expert for pressurized copper cable network monitoring and management.
NiDA2 is the ideal administrator for manhole opening management.
NiDA2 is the guard controlling aerial cables status.
NiDA2 is the doorkeeper controlling and managing access to distribution cabinets.

Network monitoring 24/7
NiDA2 continuously checks the copper cable network giving real-time information on current status and performances of the network.

Proactive maintenance
NiDA2 pinpoints in advance critical situations, allowing TLC Operators to plan preventive maintenance field activities fixing in-embryo problems before they might affect service level.

Protection of investment
NiDA2 protects Operator investments avoiding that external factors (i.e.: mechanical stresses, rodents, etc.), misbehaviours or criminals might damage in an irreparable fashion the copper cable infrastructure.

Increase of quality of services
NiDA2 allows TLC Operators to keep copper cable network performance indicators under full control: the precondition for quality of services increase is fulfilled.

Human resources management
NiDA2 centralizes data coming from the field, carries out accurate analysis and dispatches appropriate and detailed reports to maintenance teams reporting them where to go and what to do.
NiDA2 is also a manager of maintenance teams assigning programmed periods for field activities and verifying fulfillment.

Finally NiDA2 is a successful and cost-effective system:


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